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Will My Diamond’s Value Appreciate?

Description: Three Colourless Diamonds Against Dark Backdrop

Throughout decades, diamonds have been a symbol of royalty and status, sparkling the reminder of the individual’s prestige and wealth to the world. While these celebratory stones have always been sought-after, their values have fluctuated greatly through the years.

The booming excess during the 1980s when diamonds dominated the markets to the Great Recession downturn, the prices and value of the diamonds reflect various market variants. However, these gemstones have still been on top of the investment market, particularly the rare coloured diamonds.

If you are looking to invest in diamonds, your major concern would be, “Will my diamond’s value appreciate?”

Value Appreciation of Diamonds

Unfortunately, the value of most diamonds doesn’t appreciate with time. There has been a major misconception that diamonds become valuable over time. If you are looking for an investment, then it is essential to understand that there is a small diamond category that does appreciate over time, but not all diamonds do.

Most of the diamonds, even colourless ones, depreciate with time. This is especially true if the diamonds are not stored and cleaned properly. The value appreciation also depends on the clarity, carat, and cut of the diamonds.

Natural fancy-coloured diamonds are the ones that appreciate in value over time. Diamonds like Zimmi yellow diamonds are an ideal investment if you are looking for higher returns. The rarer the diamond, the more its value would appreciate.

These diamonds are available in limited quantity and come with a hefty price tag, but their value appreciates quickly. The rarity of these gemstones increases their value quickly due to limited supply and high demand.

Investment Management of Diamonds

The value of diamonds can decrease or increase over time, depending on the way you handle them. It is essential to take care of the diamond investment like you would care for your stock portfolio. There are a few things you can do to retain or even increase the diamond’s value:

  • Make sure you get the certificate of the diamond to determine its rarity and authenticity. This certificate can help in getting an appraisal of the stone’s value. This appraised value can be used to determine the gains in the market value in the future.

  • Diamonds in a jewellery setting must be properly stored and kept clean. It should not be used during strenuous activities, like sports. While diamonds are among the hardest mineral, they are still immune to damage.

  • Diamonds should also not be stored together as they might scratch one another.

  • A flawless diamond can decrease its value due to improper storage and daily wear and tear if not looked after.

While the value of diamonds can be subjected to fluctuations in demand and supply, as well as their care, rare diamonds are the ones not impacted by these fluctuations much. Rare diamonds like Zimmi yellow diamonds have a high value and are highly likely to appreciate over time in value. Protecting and preserving a diamond can further help retain its value.


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