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The information contained in this website contains general information only with respect to the investment opportunities with the Company and does not contain investment, financial or legal advice.


While the information on this website has been prepared with all reasonable care, no liability is accepted by the Company or any of its directors, officers, employees or contractors for any error or misstatements.

Prior to investing, it is important that you consider whether the investment is appropriate for your specific needs, including your current financial situation.


You are responsible for ensuring that the Company and the securities and terms of the offering, including potential benefits and risks are compatible with your investment objectives. Consideration as to the likely IPO price is highly recommended prior to investing.

While all investment  involves risk, pre-IPO and IPO investments are high risk, and potential investors should be aware that shares in a pre-IPO round may need to be escrowed, and that changing market conditions may delay or prevent the IPO.

We do not provide investment, financial or legal advice, and all potential investors should seek the appropriate independent investment, financial and legal advice prior to subscribing to shares in the Company.

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