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  • Why are Zimmi Diamonds so rare?
    Zimmi Diamonds, so-called that because they are mined next to a small village by the name of Zimmi in Sierra Leone, have a unique saturation that fetches extremely high prices. While nitrogen is responsible for yellow colour in diamonds, it is how the nitrogen is bound in the diamond that causes the colour. The single nitrogen atoms in Zimmi Diamonds absorb light in the violet and blue portion of the spectrum, resulting in our perceiving the colour yellow. Coloured diamonds count for approximately 0.1% of all the world’s mined diamonds. Put into perspective, approximately 1 out of 16,500 diamonds that are mined is a Yellow Diamond. The rarest natural gemstones on earth, the blue diamond will be an average of 20 times as expensive. Zimmi diamond average more than two to three times more than a white D Flawless or VVS diamond.
  • What gives Diamonds their value?
    Just like every other commodity, even a diamond’s value is determined by its demand and supply. But along with it, the four C’s of a diamond viz. carat, clarity, color and cut collectively determine the price of a diamond. They all contribute equally and influence the final retail value.
  • Why are Zimmi Diamonds one of the best investments?
    For those willing to take a longterm view – diamonds are still looking positive as an investment opportunity. Since 1959, fancy coloured diamonds have not decreased in wholesale value and have only increased in value every year (on average between 10-15%). Even during the most turbulent financial times – including the crisis of 2008 – coloured diamonds have outperformed every other asset class. According to the Fancy Colour Research Foundations (FCRF) from 2010 – 2019 the market price for coloured diamonds increased by 77% with Pink diamonds taking the lead with an increase of 116%, Blue diamonds by 81% and Yellow Diamonds by 21%. Historically Fancy Intense Yellow diamonds over 5.00 carats increased by over 350% between 2000 and 2012 and that is only expected to continue, especially when the renowned Zimmi Diamond (intense yellow/orange diamonds from Sierra Leone) increase in value and rarity with only another 15 years of mining remaining.
  • Will the diamonds be ethically sourced?
    Yes, all Diamonds are ethically sourced. They come with the Kimberly Certification on export and taxes are paid locally prior to export.
  • What is the Kimberly Certification Process?
    The Kimberley Process (KP) unites administrations, civil societies, and industry in reducing the flow of conflict diamonds - ‘rough diamonds used to finance wars against governments’ - around the world. Maintaining its focus in the face of today’s global challenges, The KP enables nations, governments and organisations to share their expertise and insights, and to have a positive, long-term impact on the trade in conflict diamonds and the lives of people in genuine need. Click here to read more.
  • Why do companies want to go public?
    Companies want to go public for different reasons, depending on their circumstances. Most are looking to raise capital to fund expansion, pay debts, attract and retain talent, or monetise assets. A company may also want to list on a stock exchange to improve its public profile.
  • What is Pre-IPO (Pre-Initital Public Offering) & What is an IPO?
    A Pre-IPO placement occurs when shares of a company are offered to private investors before the IPO hits the market. These private investors are usually private equity firms, HNIs, Alternative Investment Funds, Special Situation Funds, etc who are willing to buy a large stake in the company. Pre IPO is an early stage Investment at a preferred price and is open to anyone. An initial public offering (IPO) is the first sale of stock issued by a company. In other words, it’s when a business decides to start selling its shares to the public. The company will decide how many shares it wants to offer, and an investment bank will suggest an initial price for the stocks based on the predicted demand for them. Newly created shares sold for cash, to “the general public” for the first time and the company becomes a publicly-traded company in the process.
  • What is the IPO process?
    According to the Corporate Finance Institute, there are five steps in the IPO process. 1. Due diligence and regulatory filings. It occurs three months before the IPO. 2. Pricing. The pricing depends on the value of the company. 4. Stabilization. From the date the company is listed on the Stock Exchange, the stock price will be determined by market forces and demand for the stock. 5. Transition to market competition. It starts 25 days after the IPO, once the quiet period ends. The underwriters provide estimates about the company's earnings. That assists investors as they transition to relying on public information about the company. Investors are generally free to sell their shares from the IPO onwards. Founders and Board members are generally held in a lock down for 2 years. In summary, a private corporation becomes a public company through an IPO. It sells shares of ownership or stocks to the public market. Going public allows the company to gain any of four advantages; (1) An expansion through a huge capital boost (2) Capacity to acquire or merge with another company. (3) Facility to competitively attract talented management. (4) Enormous increase of investment value for the original private investors.
  • What is Millenium Kapital’s IPO process?
    Millenium Kapital Ltd (MKL) is intending to apply to be listed on the London Stock Exchange in the Standard Section as soon as the listing requirements are met. The company is completing its pre -IPO raising at A$0.02 (two cents) and it is aiming to IPO at a minimum price of GBP 0.05 (5 pence) in the last quarter of 2022. The enlarged pre-IPO raising at A$0.02 is an exceptional early-stage investment opportunity that can generate significant returns after the intended IPO. MKL is targeting to raise a minimum of GBP 6 million in total for the IPO inclusive of the Pre IPO. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity not to be missed.
  • How do I Invest?
    For the Pre IPO, you fill out our share application form which details how much you are keen to invest. The minimum is $5,000 AU. You then transfer the funds to the account of Millenium Kapital Resources Ltd. Then, we will provide you with confirmation of purchase and then send you log in details to your investor area where you will be able to track your investment online.
  • What happens to the money I Invest?
    Monies raised during the Pre IPO process will go towards daily operational costs of running the company and getting the company to the IPO Stage. All monies raised during the IPO will go into an escrow account and the money released to the company on the day of the IPO.
  • How will Millenium Kapital work with the local community?
    MKR will be providing food necessities like Rice and Sugar to villagers in the areas it operates in and will be provide employment in the areas. MKR will also be looking at other causes to improve the lives of local people with MKR.
  • Why do people invest in Diamonds?
    In general, diamonds are likely to increase in value. This value is caused by a significant increase in demand and a decrease in supply. Diamonds are also a safe investment. Among other advantages such as high liquidity and the tax-friendly aspect, they also contain a priceless emotional attraction. No other financial investment offers you this unique combination. If you do your research, you know that commercial diamonds differ from rare diamonds. The factors that make diamonds a good investment fall within Zimmi Diamonds by Millenium Kapital. The traits that make a diamond a good investment are; - Huge carat sizes above 20 carats for colorless diamonds (e.g. Sotheby’s auction) - Extremely high carat sizes (plus good clarity) for rare colored diamonds (e.g. pink diamonds/zimmi yellow/blue diamonds) - Rich history (celebrity-owned pieces or is a noteworthy historical item e.g. Taylor Burton or the Tiffany Yellow Diamond) If you are serious about making a worthwhile investment, these are the types of diamonds you should focus on. These traits are exactly why diamonds appreciate.
  • What is Millenium Kapital's Share Price?
    Millenium Kapital is expecting to list on the London Stock Exchange at an IPO price of GBP 0.05 (5 pence).
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