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Environmental and cultural protection of the land is of utmost importance to Millennium Kapital. Our exploration and infrastructure team aims to support the development of healthier, wealthier and stronger communities in the wake of our operations in the Zimmi region of Sierra Leone.


Zimmi Diamonds are the rarest in the world with a sparkle unlike any other. Millenium Kapital is a boutique company and our mines will be managed directly by our Executive Team headed by our Chief Operating Officer and Chief Geologist Nigel Chapman in Sierra Leone to ensure all our diamonds are conflict-free, ethical and entirely traceable back through to their origin.


All our diamonds will come with internationally-renowned Kimberley Process Certification ensuring that exploitation plays no part in our diamonds. The Kimberley Process Certification System was established in 2003 to prevent conflict diamonds from entering the diamond supply chain.

About Millenium Kapital

The Exploration Team (Sierra Leone)



Nigel has around 30 years of experience in international exploration and management and took part in public and private fundraising for exploration projects.


Nigel has worked with multi-million-dollar exploration and development budgets. He has worked on iron, gold, and diamond projects in West Africa, For the past five years, Nigel has been managing exploration teams in Mexico, Nicaragua, Argentina, Peru, and Colombia.



Hassan graduated with a Master‘s degree in Structural geology and Economic geology from North Dakota State University (NDSU), United States of America. He also did his earlier degree at the University of Sierra Leone (Fourah Bay College) in 2008 and graduated with BSc (Honors) in geology and is a member of the Sierra Leone Institute of Geoscientist.


Hassan has over 10 years’ experience in broad areas of mineral exploration, management and resource development ranging from project generation to mineral resources development specifically in Africa and North America, with focus in  applying geochemistry and structural geology to explore and understand the geological fabrics that control the deposition  of minerals in the granite-greenstone of West Africa and other geological settings. He is currently working for a major coal production company in USA.

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PC Alameen Kanneh is the Paramount Chief in the MOA area and is also a 5% stake holder in Millenium Kapital (Africa) Ltd.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, and his work experience includes Environmental Sustainability and is a Community Relations Specialist with an interest in Critical analysis of green mining projects. He is proficient in 3 languages mainly English, French and the local Mende language.

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With over 10 years of experience in community relations, Alhaji brings very solid background to Millenium Kapital. Alhaji worked for London Mining Company in the capacity of community relations superintendent, where he was responsible for crop compensation through the company guided policies during both exploration and mining.


Meanwhile, Alhaji also worked on the Makumry Bauxite Project where he served in the capacity of PRO for the company. In this capacity, he acted as the intermediary between the public and the company.


Alhaji currently works at the ministry of mineral resources of the republic of Sierra Leone as an assistant coordinator for small-scale mining compliance.

Advisers and Corporate Directory

Advisers and Corporate Directory


Corporate Advisers

Clayhill Capital Consultants Pty Ltd

C1, 1 The Esplanade

Mount Pleasant, WA 6153

Public Relations & Media

Savvy Creations

300 Murray Street

Perth, WA 6000

Financial Advisors & Corporate Secretary (UK)

First Sentinel Corporate Finance

72 Charlotte St

London WIT 4QQ

Legal Advisors (SL)

Stronge Legal

Top Floor, 9 Liverpool Street


Sierra Leone

Tax & Business Advisors

WeConnect Business Advisory

PO Box 551

West Perth, WA 6872


Weeks & Co

Suite C2, 1 The Esplanade

Mt Pleasant, WA 6153

Public Relations (UK)

Cassiopeia Services Ltd

150-151 Fleet St

London EC4A 2DO UK

Corporate Advisors (SG)

CACS Corporate Advisory Pte. Ltd

120 Robinson Road #16-01

Singapore 068913


Elderton Audit Pty Ltd

Level 32, 152 St Georges Tce

Perth WA 6000

Corporate & Legal Advisors (UK)

Hill Dickinson (TBA)

The Broadgate Tower

12th Floor, 20 Primrose St

London EC2A 2EW UK

Corporate & Legal Advisors (SL)

Tanner Legal Advisory

5 Hillside Bye-Pass Rd

Off Pademba Rd


Sierra Leone

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