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Why Zimmi Yellow Diamonds Are The Key To Reviving The Industry

The diamond industry has been at its lowest in the past few years, particularly during the pandemic. With the Australian diamond industry has reached its record low last year and has been struggling to improve.

According to S&P Global, around US$1.5 million were spent on diamond exploration last year, which is the second-lowest amount for this industry. The all-time low was in 2017 with US$1.3 million and the peak was in 1998 with US$43.1 million.

With the advancement of technology and more investors interested in Australian diamond industry, it is expected to revive in the coming years. Moreover, with the quest of the consumer to attain rare diamonds, the Zimmi yellow diamonds can actually play a major role in the revival of diamond industry.

Efforts To Revive The Industry

The diamond exploration has witnessed a significant drop in 2021 to US$202 million globally. However, the demand for diamonds has still remained strong all over the world. There are multiple areas that still remain unexplored and many companies are making an effort to initial mining operations in the quest to find rare diamonds.

With very few diamond companies in the market and low investments opportunities, the efforts being made are slow. This has also left vast areas unexplored that has also resulted in a higher demand for diamonds, particularly during the festive seasons.

One of the major areas yet to be explored is the southern Sierra Leone that is well-known for its rare Zimmi yellow diamonds.

Why Zimmi Diamonds Are The Solution?

Zimmi mine in Sierra Leone is known to be a major diamonds producer. The Zimmi mine is one of the largest mining areas, producing the rarest diamonds in the world. Aside from the popular colourless diamonds, this area also extracts the Zimmi yellow diamond that are among the rarest diamonds in the world.

These diamonds are warm, high-quality, and lively. One of the major reason these diamonds are growing in demand is due to its unique deep yellow shade with a slight orange tint. These Zimmi diamonds are found in the Zimmi mine and are considered extremely pure. These diamonds are further enhanced during the cutting process.

The rarity and beauty of these diamonds can change the game of the diamond industry. These diamonds are extremely sought after and have a higher premium cost than other diamonds.

However, there are still some complications. Until now, there hasn’t been modern diamond explorations in Sierra Leone and it is highly challenging to obtain the required licence and permissions.

Fortunately, Millenium Kapital is in the process of attaining the license to explore this highly prospective region and extract these rare diamonds. The project is located in the eastern side of Sierra Leone that is famous for its rare and intense Zimmi yellow diamonds.

Millenium Kapital Is Changing The Industry

Millenium Kapital focuses on conflict-free, ethical, and traceable extraction of diamonds. The team has made it a point to extract diamonds that are ethically sourced and sustainable. All diamonds come with a Kimberly Process Certificate, an internationally renowned certification that ensures no exploitation occurs in the entire diamond supply chain.

The company is also offering investment opportunities for interested parties. Millenium Kapital will also be the first-ever company to attain the exploration license in Sierra Leone for the extraction of the rare Zimmi yellow diamonds. They have established secure government relations and have over 30 years of experience honouring such tenement agreements in different countries. Get in touch with us today to find out more.


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