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Why Invest In Our Rare Zimmi Yellow Diamonds?

Description: Millenium Kapital’s Zimmi Diamonds

In a world where stock markets, property, and oil prices fluctuate and can be unpredictable, diamond investment is gaining popularity. Investing in rare diamonds is an ideal opportunity for those looking for a long-term investment with lucrative outcomes.

While diamonds are indeed a wise investment, rare coloured diamonds have a higher return on investment. Millenium Kapital offers zimmi yellow diamonds mined from the eastern side of Sierra Leone, which is famous for its rare and intense diamonds.

The Zimmi yellow diamonds have a higher premium cost than other types of diamonds. Here are the many reasons to invest in zimmi yellow diamonds:


Coloured diamonds are among the rarest commodities around the world, particularly zimmi yellow diamonds. These are found in only a few mines globally and appear in a smaller percentage than the other diamonds.

The zimmi project by Millenium Kapital is situated in Sierra Leone in an area known for the highly sought after zimmi yellow diamonds. What makes our diamonds even more unique is the fact that modern exploration hasn’t taken place in this region, and no exploration license has been authorized to anyone until now.

Millenium Kapital has access to a prospective region that is bound to provide high-quality yellow diamonds, which means you will be a proud owner of the rarest diamonds on earth.

Long Term Growth

In the past three decades, the price appreciation of coloured diamonds has dominated the markets. The auction outcomes have shown time and again the strength and appreciation of the coloured diamonds.

Rare coloured diamonds have broken the records of action houses several times for the highest price paid for a diamond. The ROI for Millenium Kapital’s diamonds is 14%. Moreover, cut and polished diamonds at wholesale prices to shareholders.


Coloured diamonds are highly durable as they are among the hardest elements found. These diamonds are made in unimaginable conditions deep in the earth’s surface and withstand any harsh environmental situation.

Ethically Sourced

Millenium Kapital ensures the process is sustainable. The team makes sure that the zimmi yellow diamonds are sustainably and ethically sourced. The diamonds come with the Kimberley Process certification, ensuring that no exploitation occurred throughout the operations.

Well Established

Rare coloured diamonds are established and recognized globally. They have been traded and collected by royalty for centuries and recently became accessible to the general public. Their process continued to steadily increase in the past few decades.


All diamonds are lightweight and small, making them highly portable. Large amounts of diamonds can easily be concealed in an emergency and easily transported. You can set it in a piece of jewellery or store it in a safety deposit box.

Higher investment potential indeed comes with a higher price, and coloured diamonds are more expensive than the other diamonds. However, it also gives you a much higher return on investment and a higher potential for profits.

Investing in our rare zimmi yellow diamonds take away the unpredictability and uncertainty that other investments have. Get in touch with us today to find out more.


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