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What is a Zimmi Diamond?

Loose yellow diamons

Zimmi Yellow Diamonds are revered for their striking colour saturation and exceptional clarity, originating from Sierra Leone's Zimmi region in West Africa. These gems boast a vibrant yellow hue, ranging from subtle golden tones to vivid shades reminiscent of the sun's warmth. The intense coloration of Zimmi Yellow Diamonds is due to its exposure to nitrogen combined with carbon atoms in its composition.

The rarity and natural beauty of Zimmi Yellow Diamonds make them highly sought after in the world of luxury jewellery. Their unique coloration, coupled with their exceptional clarity and scarcity, elevates them to coveted status among collectors and connoisseurs. Admired for their radiant brilliance and timeless allure, Zimmi Yellow Diamonds continue to captivate enthusiasts with their unparalleled beauty and inherent elegance.

The Zimmi Diamond stands out from typical canary yellow diamonds due to its exceptionally high colour saturation levels. As a result of this rarity, prices for Zimmi Diamonds typically range from 1.5 to 2 times higher than those of regular yellow diamonds. This premium reflects the scarcity and extraordinary quality of these diamonds, making them highly coveted in the gemstone market.


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