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Origin of Millenium Kapital's Zimmi Yellow Diamonds

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Zimmi diamonds are vivid yellow-coloured rare jewels from the Zimmi region, originating from Zimmi tenements in Sierra Leone. These diamonds are among the rarest of diamonds available around the globe. Currently there is only small scale artisanal mining in the Zimmi area and a very limited amount of diamonds are extracted.

Millenium Kapital provides its investors with an excellent investment opportunity with rare Zimmi yellow diamonds which are exclusive as they are the only available yellow diamonds with the highest nitrogen content.

What Are Zimmi Diamonds?

Zimmi yellow diamonds are valuable and highly sought-after yellow diamonds that resemble the intense yellow shade of a canary bird. This is the reason they used to be referred to as the canary diamonds. This yellow hue is a deeper shade than the light or dull yellow tinge considered a negative in normal diamonds.

Since these diamonds are rare, they come with a higher tag and more resell value as compared to other diamonds, making them an ideal opportunity for those looking for a long-term investment with lucrative outcomes.

The unique colour of these diamonds is due to the presence of nitrogen composition. The molecules of nitrogen absorb blue light and turn the stone into a yellow shade. The colour could be anywhere from light to dark, depending on the nitrogen amount absorbed by the stone.

Zimmi Tenements in Sierra Leone

Zimmi tenements is located in the Zimmi town in the Pujehun District of southern Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is a major producer of diamonds and is known to produce some of the rarest diamonds in the world. It is a large mining area that extracts the fanciest diamonds in the world aside from the high-quality colourless diamonds – the Zimmi yellow diamond.

These diamonds have a lively, warm, and deep yellow colour that might even have a hint of an orange hue. The Zimmi yellow diamonds produced in the Zimmi area are very pure and the rare inclusions they might be in some pieces are grouped together and removed during the process of cutting.

These diamonds weigh between 0.10 to 1.00 carat and are extremely saturated in the shade. Even the rough diamonds in this mine are typically rounded and smooth, making them ideal for cutting.

Extraction of Zimmi Diamonds

Millenium Kapital establishes a strong relationship between the company and its stakeholders and the cultural and environmental protection of lands is the top priority of our company. The goal of our experienced infrastructure and exploration team is to offer support to the development of stronger, wealthier, and healthier communities throughout operations in Sierra Leone.

Our Zimmi project is situated on the eastern side of Sierra Leonne, an area that is known for its intense and rare Zimmi diamonds. There hasn’t been any modern exploration in this region because of the permission difficulties. No major players have been granted an exploration license until now.

Millenium Kapital will soon have the license to explore a highly sought-after exploration area for diamonds. Our team ensures that the diamonds are sustainably and ethically sourced. We aim to ensure all diamonds are entirely traceable, ethical, and conflict-free. All diamonds come with a Kimberly Process Certificate, an internationally renowned certification that ensures no exploitation occurs in the entire diamond supply chain.

The goal of our experienced infrastructure and exploration team is to offer support to the development of stronger, wealthier, and healthier communities throughout operations in Sierra Leone.

Millenium Kapital has access to a prospective region that is bound to provide high-quality yellow diamonds, which means you will be a proud owner of the rarest diamonds on earth. Investing in our rare Zimmi yellow diamonds take away the unpredictability and uncertainty that other investments have. Get in touch with us today to find out more.


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