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Letter from the Chairman Q4, 2020

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Dear shareholders and friends, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all the new shareholders that have come on board recently and provide everyone with an update on the road to Millenium Kapital’s IPO, 1. Advanced Share Registry

The company is currently working to uploading all shareholders on the electronic share registry that is managed by Advanced Share Registry in Perth and it aims to have this completed by the end of May. It has taken longer than expected as the primary intention was to list in London and the initial shareholders were sitting in Millenium Kapital Ltd (BVI). Due to the COVID -19 situation it was decided to focus the IPO on the National Stock Exchange of Australia and form Millenium Kapital Resources Ltd (Australia), where the latter part of the shareholders sit in. Millenium Kapital Resources Ltd is in the process of acquiring 100% of the shares in Millenium Kapital Ltd (BVI) so that the initial shareholders can be transferred over from the BVI to the Australian company. Once this is completed, all shareholders will be provided with a login from Advanced Share Registry for them to be able to access their shareholdings. 2. Pre-IPO Capital Raising

The company has received continued interest in its pre-IPO raising, however due to (s) 708 rulings the company can only take in 20 retail investors per year in the first two years. In order to take in more retail investors, the company is to lodge a Memorandum of Information which needs to be approved by ASIC and Ledger Financial Group has recently been appointed to prepare and lodge such document on behalf of Millenium Kapital. Once approved, the company will be able to raise a further A$2 million from the public prior to the IPO at A$0.02 and a second raising on the IPO Prospectus will be done at A$0.05 to raise a maximum of A$2 million. 3. Website and new image

In preparation for the IPO, the company has commissioned a new up to date website and image for Millenium Kapital going forward. The new website is up but it is work in progress and will eventually become more informative. It is very important that prior to the IPO Millenium Kapital is well promoted among the public. One of our first promotions will be at the BNI Breakfast Awards that is to be held at Crown on June 11th, 2021, the company is the gold sponsor for the event, and we will be doing a presentation to a crowd of 550 people from the BNI Network in WA. Millenium Kapital Resources has also signed up as a gold member of WASBC- WA Singapore Business Connect and will be presenting at their events whenever the opportunity arises. Besides this, the company intends to hold a series of events to present to both shareholders and potential investors once the Memorandum of Information ASIC has been approved by ASIC.

4. Mining Licences in Sierra Leone

The moratorium on the issue of licences in Sierra Leone is expected to be lifted this month. In view of this, besides the application for the licence in Zimmi which has been lodged a while ago, the company is in the midst of lodging a mining licence for the MOA region in Sierra Leone. The MOA licence is prospective for gold and was owned by my former company. We held off on applying for the gold licence because of COVID -19 and the uncertainty on the capital raising efforts, but we now feel confident of being able to raise the necessary funds for both projects. 5. Non-Binding agreement for Colombian emerald assets

Millenium Kapital and GGI have agreed to extend the Non-Binding agreement for the emerald mining tenements in Colombia for another year. While in the initial year of the agreement, Millenium Kapital issued a total of US$75,600 worth of shares at pre-IPO value, in the second year there will be no further issue of any additional shares. The Colombian emeralds are the world’s best emeralds and stands to compliment the world’s best Canary Yellow Diamonds from Zimmi. 6. Appointment of New Accountants

Millenium Kapital has recently appointed Blackstone Business Solutions as the new firm of accountants to support our company and would like to sincerely thank Ledger Financial Group for their past and ongoing support to Millenium Kapital. 7. Expected IPO date

At this stage, the company is confident of completing the IPO in the second half of 2021. On behalf of Millenium Kapital I thank you all for your continued support to our IPO, an exciting challenge to which we devote all our energies. Cyril D’Silva Executive Chairman

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