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Diamond Investment: Reasons You Should Invest in Diamonds

It is crucial to identify a stable investment opportunity in a diverse economy where the market prices continuously fluctuate. As it is possible to find infinite stability that doesn’t exist, you must conduct initial research to find an investment that works well for you.

Diamond investments are still considered one of the strongest investment opportunities. Business analysts, financial institutions, and investment bankers who have researched and studied diamond investment have been surprised by their good outcomes. More specifically, coloured diamonds, like zimmi diamonds, provide an excellent return compared to other investments.

Reasons To Invest in Diamonds

If you are still unsure whether diamonds really are a good investment for you, then it is essential to identify how beneficial they can be for the investors. Here are some of the main benefits of diamond investment:

Convenient Size

One of the best benefits of investing in a diamond rather than gold is the size. Diamonds don’t take too much room like gold bullions. These stones have been in use as a way of money transfer since a very long time ago.

A single diamond, even if it is the smallest size, costs double the amount as gold of the same size. This shows that diamonds are a better investment option and are easier to transport when needed.

Better Storability

Due to their small size, diamonds are easier to store. Diamonds that are worth thousands can be stored in a small safe. These precious stones can be added to jewellery, which means you can wear them on special occasions, unlike other investments.

Long-Term Growth

Even if you conduct a little research, you will find that the price appreciation of coloured diamonds has certainly been dominant in the market for the past three decades or so. The auction results also show the demand for fancy coloured diamonds is strong. Diamonds have even repeatedly broken records at auction houses for the highest price paid per carat for a jewel.

Higher Durability

The diamonds durability is another major reason to invest in these precious stones. The durability of these stones is natural as it is known to be the hardest stone on the planet. This means you won’t have to worry about the diamonds getting damaged easily or wearing off in the long run.

Rarity of Diamonds

Coloured diamonds are the rarest stones in the world and are found in merely a few mines. The production of these gems is also in small quantity, making them even rarer. Zimmi yellow diamonds are the rarest coloured diamonds with a higher cost than other diamonds.

Millenium Kapital offers zimmi yellow diamonds mined from the eastern side of Sierra Leone, which is famous for its rare and intense diamonds.

Increased Privacy

Diamonds are a private asset and can be stored easily without even declaring your investment in public. They can be used by incorporating them in jewellery, and there is no requirement to report the diamond investment for any tax purposes.

Low Supply and High Demand

The prices of diamonds have witnessed an annual increase on average for decades. Moreover, the demand for diamonds continues to grow in various countries, particularly in the Middle East, Russia, and Asia. The flawless and natural varieties of diamonds are rather rare, so these stones have a high cost.

The fancy, coloured diamonds and flawless diamonds are found in a handful of mines in smaller quantities, which means the supply is low, but the demand is high.

Things To Consider When Investing in Diamonds

While diamonds are a great investment, it is also essential to make sure that you are investing in the right diamonds. Keep in mind that not all diamonds are valued equally. Here are a few things to consider when making a diamond investment and ensuring that you reap the maximum benefits.

Understanding the Basics

The four Cs – colour, carat, cut, and clarity – are the most integral things you must understand before you make the investment. The higher clarity grade means the fewer imperfections the diamond has. The better the cut is, the more sparkle and brilliance the diamond has.

Carat is how much the diamond weighs, and the colour of the diamond or lack of it also impacts the value of the diamond. Colourless or white diamonds are valuable, but rare coloured diamonds, like yellow and pink, are valued higher.

Setting the Budget

Once you understand the basics, you have to set a budget. How much do you want to invest in diamonds? Remember, a diverse investment portfolio is a wise decision. Therefore, invest accordingly. For diamonds, you might need a higher amount, but it will eventually give you higher returns.

Setting the budget is a major step that will ensure you wisely invest your money. Make sure to conduct some research to determine the value of diamonds so you can establish the right budget.

Making the Purchase

Once you have a budget, start comparing prices for different retailers. Keep in mind; you must ensure that you are investing in an authentic retailer or company. Millenium Kapital is a leading company that is the first one to attain an exploration licence for Zimmi Diamonds in Sierra Leone. This means you will be investing in rare authentic gems. Certification is also crucial. Always invest in only certified diamonds to avoid any scams.

Diamonds are not only an excellent investment but are also inflation-proof, like other physical commodities, like real estate, silver, and gold. Diamond investment can prove beneficial when you invest wisely after doing proper homework.

Do remember that these are long-term investments. You will reap its advantages more if you don’t resell it immediately. You will get a higher return when you invest in something that comes with a higher price tag. Diamonds certainly are costly but will give you a higher return and profits.

Millenium Kapital offers rare zimmi yellow diamonds with a higher value than other diamonds and takes away the uncertainty and unpredictability that other investments have. Get in touch with us today to find out more.


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