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Diamond Colour Value Explained

Coloured Diamonds
Coloured Diamonds with a Ring

The world of coloured diamonds is vast, with multiple options available to choose from. Coloured diamonds can be found in numerous intensity grades, cuts, shapes, clarity grades, and colour combinations. Every diamond characteristic has an impact on its overall value.

However, the evaluation of the diamond is based on its absence of colour in many cases. The highest-quality and pure diamonds have no colour and are of the highest value. The more tint of colour the diamonds have, the value decreases except for natural rare coloured diamonds.

Rare diamonds, like yellow-coloured diamonds, are among the highest value gemstones available. They have a higher value than even pure colourless diamonds. Let’s have a closer look.

Colour Grading System of Diamonds

The colour grades of diamonds range from D (colourless diamonds) to Z (light brown/yellow diamonds). Gemologists place the diamonds face down under controlled lighting to grade the value of diamonds since it is difficult to evaluate the colour when the diamonds are placed face up. Here are the different colour grades of the diamonds:

Colourless Diamonds

The diamonds that fall under the range of colourless are considered rare. The D and E category diamonds have no colour. The F category diamonds have almost an undetected colour when they are viewed face down. These diamonds are often placed on white or platinum gold to highlight their high luminosity.

Near Colourless Diamonds

These diamonds appear colourless when placed face up but show a slight tinge of colour when faced down and viewed against a white background. When these diamonds are placed on a ring setting, it is almost impossible to detect their colours.

Faint Colour Diamonds

The diamonds that fall under the K to M colour grades have a faint hint of colour when they are placed face up. These look great in gold yellow ring setting, which further highlights the colour of the diamond. Moreover, these are also the most affordable diamonds.

Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds

The rarest of diamonds are the ones with natural fancy colours, like greens, yellows, and blues. The colours of these diamonds occur naturally due to the structure of the diamond or the chemical variations. The most sought-after, rare coloured diamonds are the Zimmi yellow diamonds.

These diamonds are often purchased by collectors and for investment purposes as they appreciate in value over time because of their exceptional natural rarity.

The ideal colour grade of diamond for you would depend on what you are looking for. If you want to have affordable diamond jewellery made, then faint coloured or nearly colourless diamonds are ideal for you. If you are looking for the best quality and pure diamonds for engagement or wedding occasions or other purposes, then colourless diamonds are the ones for you.

However, if you want a low-risk investment that gives you a higher return, rare fancy coloured diamonds, like Zimmi yellow diamonds, are the best choice. Make sure you only purchase from authentic experts to ensure its rarity and get the best quality diamond for investment.


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