Exclusive rare Zimmi yellow diamonds resource company, offering an exciting low risk investment opportunity in the market.

Our clients are astute investors wanting to benefit from high return on investment.

Millenium Kapital is an Australian based company that has applications in place for licenses and contracts to mine areas rich in Zimmi Diamonds (Sierra Leone) and Green Emeralds (Colombia). We will be listed under the registered name, Millenium Kapital Resources Ltd and currently reside in the pre-IPO raising stage. We intend to apply to list on the National Stock Exchange (NSX) of Australia in the second half of 2021. 

Buying shares now at this early stage it's not unrealistic for our stock to see a return on investment (ROI) above 5 times that of the original value in 2 years.


potential return on investment over 2 years

with our rare Zimmi Diamonds portfolio.


Our Investment Portfolio.


Our Zimmi Project is located in the east of Sierra Leone, approximately 300km from the capital Freetown from which it is easily accessed by road. The project area is renowned for its rare and intense Zimmi Yellow Diamonds which are highly sought after and therefore command a premium price over other diamonds. 

No modern exploration has taken place in this region to date due to difficulties in obtaining access permissions. An exploration license has never been given until now and it did not go out to the big players. Once the licence has been granted to Millenium Kapital, we will have access to this highly prospective region to commence field exploration programmes and community work from 2021 and beyond. We will be the first to hold an exploration license for Zimmi Diamonds in Sierra Leone.


Global Expertise.


The average projected annual growth in a

Zimmi Diamond share portfolio is


Why people invest in our rare Zimmi yellow diamonds?


Millenium Kapital will be the first to hold an exploration licence for Zimmi Diamonds in Sierra Leone. We have strong contracts, secure Governement relationships and 30+ years experience in working with countries honouring these types of tenement agreements.


Expertise in establishing infrastructure and management of natural resource projects in diverse jurisdictions. Ethically and sustainably sourced.  We enforce the standards established by the Kimberley Process.


"The Zimmi Diamond" area of Sierra Leone is a significant and highly mineralised area of the world's rarest diamonds. The full extent of it’s economic potential and value has not yet been fully realised.


Millenium Kapital have created and built strong relationships over time and we uniquely understand it's about doing the right thing for both the Government and locals, and we have a deep understanding of how the culture works.


Early investors that take up the pre-IPO raising have the potential to realise a significant return after the intended IPO. This represents a great opportunity for an early return on investment (ROI) while limiting the downside risks.


Our team of experts have 30+ years of operational, geological, corporate and global share market expertise spanning across the globe in different financial stock exchanges.


years of financial market and geological experience

Our team of experts has operational, geological, corporate and global share market expertise.

With experience gained from years working within the financial, investment and resources sectors, our team brings expertise in global markets, capital raising, strategic investing, management of natural resources and trading to our investors. Click to view executive team.

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Board of Directors.



Cyril D’Silva was the Founder and Ex-Chairman of London listed Golden Saint Resources Ltd (LN: GSR), a junior gold and diamond exploration company. GSR listed on AIM on the London Stock Exchange in July 2013 and was voted Best Performing IPO for 2013 by Mining Weekly. He stepped down from the Board of GSR on February 2016 to take up a full-time position as Executive Director/CEO of Clayhill Capital Consultants Pty Ltd. 

He has been Executive Chairman and CEO of Millenium Kapital since its inception in June 2018.



Nigel brings nearly 30 years of international exploration and management experience to Millenium Kapital. In West Africa he's worked on diamond, gold and iron ore projects.  For the past five years, he has been based in South America managing exploration teams in Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Nicaragua and Mexico. 

Nigel has been involved in private and public fundraising for exploration project finance and IPO’s and has a hands-on approach to exploration and management of multi-million dollar exploration and development budgets. He has acted as a Consultant and held Executive and Non-Executive positions with listed and private exploration companies.



Lina started her career at BTG Pactual International Investment Bank based in Colombia.

In 2018, since Millenium Kapital's, inception Lina has developed strong strategies to promote business growth. She has led and implemented projects and campaigns to access capital and establish a strong business network within the Australasian economic community.